Elfie: a new, universal Natural Unit

Elfie's name comes from "Lp", the Planck Length, and Phi, the Golden ratio.

Elfie is a logarithmic natural measure of length based on Dan Winter' work. Dan discovered that all important, biocompatible natural lengths in nature are exact or very close to Lp multiplied by an integer times of phi.
Elfie is the only natural length measure that is only dependant of cosmological constants. It is the only measure available in the entire universe and useful to communicate with any non-human, non-earthbound civilization (if needed).
It is also a measure that has life-compatible properties when it is an integer. According to Dan's work, an integer value of Elfie allows energy to compress recursively on itself, a phenomena that would power all life-compatible phenomena at all scales: it forms a golden-mean based recursive implosive spiral. It could be understood that these values form resonant frequencies around which all elements tend to resonate, at all scales; this would be why all these lengths and frequencies are found close to integer numbers.
Elfie is a Natural Unit able to universally describe length, duration, time AND scale. You can describe an object in Elfie across all 5 dimensions (3D space, time and scale). Elfie is the 5th dimension, the Scale dimension.

Thus, N Elfie is Lp * Phi to the power of N.

Elfie is represented by פ (the hebrew letter PHE: the spiral, and phi's ancestor).

Médéric Degoy, 4/2/24

Elfie calculator

All calculations are taken from my ECG Pulse analysis app, BioCoherence.

Elfie length

N פ, as a length, is Planck Length * an integer power of phi.

N פ =

Elfie time

N פ, as a duration, is Planck Time * an integer power of phi for 1 time cell, or Hbar planck time for 1 cycle.

N פ =

Elfie frequency

N פ, as a frequency, is 1/Elfie time, or v/Elfie length for any traveling wave (values are given for light/EM Waves and sound in earth atmosphere for reference).

N פ =


Who invented the name Elfie?
The name has been invented on 4/2/2024 by Médéric Degoy, Christine Degoy, and Isis Degoy.
Who discovered the properties of Elfie?
Dan Winter discovered that Planck units multiplied by integer powers of Phi are found everywhere in nature. More infos about Dan Winter's work: PlanckPhire.com - Dan suggests the Fractal Charge Collapse Cause of Gravity, Consciousness, Negentropy and Life Force allows entry in to longitudinal emf array (gravity waves, and mechanism of collectivve conscious/ ancestor memory...)
Since when does Elfie exist in Human history?
Evidence of integer Elfie usage has been found up to the babylonians (the tablet of Shamash, 888 BC, discovered by Tufan Guven of geometricmodels.org).
Why are values found in nature so close but not exact?
Because that's how nature works. Evolution states that natural selection means the fittest wins. In this case, the fittest is the closest structure able to resonate with an integer value of Elfie, because an integer value can attract more charge and gain more energy. If nature is given many options, the ones with resonance values close to integers get more energy, thrives and win.
How to get a frequency from a molecular mass?
  1. Einstein equation: E=mc2
  2. Planck-Einstein relation [1]: E=hf
  3. So f=m(c2/h)